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In 2004 Hugh MacDermott bought a horse in the province of Buenos Aires and rode off to explore Argentina. Two years later he had ridden over 2,000 miles and created a network of friends and contacts round the country. Over the years we have built upon these contacts and they form the base of the people we work with today.


Our Team


HUGH MACDERMOTT worked on horse riding holiday operations in Kenya and Uruguay before organising his own rides with a large cattle ranch in the Aconquija sierras, Northwest Argentina. Before founding MacDermott’s Argentina he spent another year travelling round Argentina (this time in his truck), to fill in the gaps of his knowledge. There are few non-Argentines who know the country as well as he does and he continues to host many of our trips today.


MERCEDES LOPEZ DE GOMARA has been working in the Argentine travel industry since 1980. She has extensive experience in both in-coming and out-going tourism, working both with the public and with other travel companies, putting together: package tours, tailor-made holidays as well as conferences and conventions for businesses. In 2001 she started her own travel company (Cauquen Turismo y Aventura), that specialized in adventure tourism, which she sold before joining forces with MacDermott’s Argentina.


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LAURA ROSSIGNOLI has been helping a variety of companies, in several different industries, navigate the trial and tribulations of Argentine bureaucracy since 2000. She came to MacDermott’s Argentina in 2013 and is the head of our administration.




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BEN HARRIS native to Virginia, USA has worked in tourism across South America. He has resided Buenos Aires for the past three years with no end in sight. He enjoys sipping mate, living out his passions, and helping people find theirs.




Why MacDermott’s Argentina?


Just one country: We offer one country and it is where we live. There are very few who can match our knowledge of Argentina and we personally guide many of our trips. By continually travelling round Argentina we have been able to build strong personal relationships with our providers, maintain our high standards and always have our finger on the pulse for new and exciting accommodations and activities.*


Bang for your buck: All our trips are carefully tailored around the wishes of our guests, we can cater to any needs because we work with a very wide, and continually growing, range of providers. This also enables us to make our guest’s budgets stretch to get the absolute best holiday their money can buy.


Peace of mind: We are people passionate about Argentina who have converted that passion into a business. Our team comes from all corners of Argentina’s travel industry including a lot of experience as local guides – on foot, on horseback and behind the wheel. In even the best laid out plans Argentina has a habit of throwing up bumps in the road, because of our on the ground experience we understand these problems and we know how to fix them as quickly as possible.



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macdermotts argentina

* We do make an exception on our one country policy when crossing into one of Argentina’s neighbouring countries is an intrinsic part of a particular trip, such as a ride over the Andes.